@ Rahul's...

@ Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.

► Project Leader (Six Sigma Green Belt)

“I know Rahul as one of the earlier Pune R&D Dow joinee in 2007 and as a colleague who is very kind at heart, full of enthusiasm, very well organized (haven't seen anyone else who is better organized than Rahul) and always very well dressed. Rahul is working with me as coordinator for one of the scientific forums and he has been successfully managing the same since mid 2010. He contributed immensely to the success of this activity by arranging & managing the talks, MoM, streamline of the database, etc. Rahul gets along nicely with peers, strictly follows the time lines, highly energetic, and a person having highly professional attitude. Although small activity, I am happy that we are working together.

I wish Rahul a successful professional career, a very good health and wonderful family life.” September 3, 2011

1stBalu Uphade, Sr. Lead Scientist, Dow Chemical International Pvt Ltd
worked with Rahul at Dow Chemical International Pvt Ltd


“Rahul is a thorough professional with very good knowledge of material engineering and desire to innovate. His problem solving approach, sytematic methodology and innovative thinking helps him conceive and design better and safer models of engineering components e.g. automotive parts. His positive and 'can do' attitude would help him achieve newer heights all the time. Cheers!” July 5, 2010

Madhav Kulkarni, Intellectual Capital Specialist, Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.
worked with Rahul at Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd. 


“Rahul Pathare was my Industry Guide for my M.Tech. project titled "Design and Development of Test Rig for Assessment of Knee Injuries with and without Knee Bolsters". I executed this project at Passive Safety Lab in ARAI. The overall technical support that I received from him during my thesis work really helped me to have a very focussed approach. The approach to solve any problem was really a good learning experience for me. His ability to explain concepts and practical applications makes understanding very easy. The association with him has been a amazing and I hope to seek his guidance in the future.” February 24, 2011

1stSumukh Deshpande, Student, VIT, Vellore (1st yr) & ARAI Academy, ARAI (2nd yr)
was with another company when working with Rahul at Dow Chemical International Pvt Ltd                     



“With a strong acumen for material modeling, it was a great interactive experience for me to interact with Rahul during many brainstorming session on various interdisciplinary projects. His fundamental understanding for the subject besides acknowledging the subject, offers you to draw your own conclusions with innovative solutions. He is a very motivated young man of numerous talents and considerable self discipline. He is fun-loving, enthusiastic, trusting and trustworthy. Besides being a part of Dow automotive section, I know him as the first trained six-sigma green belt holder for Pune R & d centre. He is an integral part, rather an originator for Dow Recreation Centre, promoted for employees health safety, and related various issues. His sense of professionalism is highly commendable. For sure his presence to any company will be an asset for the growth of the future organization. I wish him all the best and good luck for everything in his future.” May 14, 2010

Sarsswati Koul, Senior Research Chemist, Dow Chemical
worked with Rahul at Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.


“Professionally Rahul is a kind of person who is constantly thriving for more challenges and responsibility and believes in constant self development professionally and personally which is much visible through the accolades and certifications he has to his credit. On the personal front he is a great person to be and gets along with almost everybody. During my professional association of 2 yrs I have seen him being appreciated by Peers and Colleagues and an excellent team player.” May 11, 2010

Swapneel Singh, Sr. HR Administrator, Dow Chemical
worked directly with Rahul at Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.


“Rahul is a well-rounded professional with strong domain expertise, creativity as well as exceptional soft skills. His natural ability to utilize his technical strengths effectively coupled with his personality skills would truly make him a successful professional. Rahul's cheerful disposition and a strong focus on goals and deliverables gives him a distinct edge. He is a selfless team player, motivational as a leader and would be a great asset to any organization.” May 5, 2010

Yogaraj Nabar, Deputy General Manager, Dow Chemical International Private Limited
worked with Rahul at Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.


“it is always good to work with Rahul.having Automotive Background his knowledge on Automotive is very good and we always leverage it for our projects.” December 6, 2009

Gulab Malunjkar, Engineer, Dow R&D
worked directly with Rahul at Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.


“Rahul clearly stands out in a crowd - he is very smart and enthusiastic. He is a domain expert in automotive technologies and he readily helps us with his technical insights. He is a very focused person and uses six sigma approach in project leadership and execution.

He is passionate about taking concepts to commercialization. I recently introduced Rahul to TRIZ-based Innovative Problem Solving. He was very keen to learn TRIZ and he contributed many good ideas at my Ideation workshop. He made excellent notes of the concepts / ideas through his beautiful sketches. Observing his visual thinking tendency, I guess Rahul exercises his right brain effectively to generate creative ideas. He has a unique combination of creative thinking skills and deep domain knowledge.

Rahul is a great person to have in a team and I wish him all the best in life.” September 24, 2009

Dr Shankar M V, Principal Scientist, Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.
managed Rahul indirectly at Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.


“"First thing that strikes me about Rahul is his ability to manage multiple roles at a time. He is always among the first to do it, be it be technical paper presentations, initiatives like Safety, Green Belt project leader certification, Health committee, Recreation activities, the list goes on..

The best part of his personality is his attitude to learn more. I have always found him curious to try new things and in turn achieve new heights in his professional career graph. He is always receptive of good ideas in group meetings and contribute sincerely by playing his part sincerely for the team.

Above all, he is a nice friend to be around you always."” September 10, 2009

Sanket Gohil, Technical Service & Application Development Manager, Dow Chemical Intl Pvt Ltd
worked with Rahul at Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.


“Thanks, Rahul for your leadership in office safety. I am impressed with your passion towards safety escpecially in ergonomic areas. Your balance & practicel approach is really helpful to improve our site safety performane.

Once again thanks, Keep it up.” August 12, 2009

Arun Salunke, EH&S Manager, Dow Chemical
worked directly with Rahul at Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.


“Rahul shows an impressive combination of attention to technical detail coupled with a high degree of innovation. He actively looks for opportunities to use his knowledge to solve industry needs, and follows up on his ideas to reach an appropriate conclusion. For this reason, I would have no hesitation to recommend Rahul as an effective member of any product development team.” April 14, 2009

Peter Cate, New Business Development Manager, Dow Automotive
worked with Rahul at Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.


“Rahul is a great guy to work with. Thorough and professional in his approach to projects. Even though we do not work or coordinate on a day to day basis, my experience of sharing and learning from him has been extremely good. He has been one of my first contact points when I joined Dow chemicals where I received good support in learning the nuances of the Dow Automotive business and R&D activity in the field” March 19, 2009

Roysten D'Mello, Dow India - Media Relations Manager, Dow Chemicals International Pvt Ltd
worked with Rahul at Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.


“Rahul has worked on the green belt projects with utmost dedication .He is fully aware of the six sigma process. As safety team member of the Pune R&D he is also involved in bringing awareness on safety , among the employees.” March 18, 2009

Shekhar Dalal, CosT Accountant & Finance Focal, Dow Chemical International Pvt ltd
worked with Rahul at Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.


“Rahul Pathare is a quick learner, Maze Bright, energetic person. He is a great team player and committed to deliver the projects in timely manner. He adopted to MNC culture very quickly, wokred very effectively with the global team and made siginificant strides to make positive impact on our global projects. I am very proud to be able to recruit Rahul. I have seen this young man mature and be able to make significant contributions in very short time span. He is an assest to any organization.

With best regards -

Dr. Deepak Parikh” August 10, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Creative

Dr. Deepak Parikh,
hired Rahul as a Technology & Global Project Management in 2006

@ The Automotive Research Association of India

Project Engineer

“To me, Rahul is a guy you can count on. He is technically very strong, knowledgeable in several subjects and coupled to that has a strain for putting in amazing amounts of hard work. It's a explosive combination. Given a task, he will make sure that he goes out of his way to ensure that it is not only completed on time but that all the bases are well and truly covered. When I used his expertise during one of my consulting projects at In-Finite Solutions I was really impressed at the depth of the coverage done by Rahul for his given task, needless to say, so was my customer giving me a great win. He is a man I would want on my team anytime.” September 18, 2008

Rohan Rawte, VP-Sales & Marketing, Founder, Director, SimCosm India Pvt. Ltd., In-Finite Solutions
was with another company when working with Rahul at ARAI